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Humayun Tomb

This tomb was constructed from 1562-1572 under the supervision of Hamida Begum, the Persian wife of Humayun.The emperor's wife Begai Begum was buried in the tomb and the structure is first of its kind built in the center of a well - planned garden. The combination of white marble and red sand stone was a great influence on later Mughal architecture. It is generally regarded as a prototype of the famed Taj Mahal of Agra.

The Mughals brought with them their love for gardens, fountains and water. The first mature example of Mughal architecture in India. HUMAYUN'S TOMB, was built in AD 1565. Designed by Presian architect, Mirza Ghyas, Humayun's Tomb shows a marked shifts from the persian tradition of using coloured tiles for ornamentation. Located in the midst of a large square garden, screened by high walls, with gateways to the south and west, the tomb is a square tower surrounded by a magnificent marble dome. The dome stands 140 feet high from the base of the terrace and is topped with a copper pinnacle.

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