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WildLife Holidays

India is a wildlife fiesta that has more than 80 national parks and 440 wildlife sanctuaries. Being home to such myriad fascinating flora & fauna, these parks and sanctuaries are visited by adventure seekers and nature lovers from all across the world.

Wildlife tours in India is therefore your perfect way to watch the Indian wildlife animals from a close quarter. They will take you to various wildlife parks & sanctuaries in India where you can enjoy different wildlife safari options like jeep safari and elephant safari. You can even view tiger riding on the back of an elephant during your wildlife travel in India.

On a wildlife tours you can see a large number of Royal Bengal tigers, Indian elephants and one horned rhinos in the wild. Some other exotic animals that you can easily come across are leopards, snow leopards, sloth bears, red panda, nilgai, gharial, and several species of deer, monkeys and birds.

Whether it's the birds, animals, butterflies or the unique flora of the Indian parks and sanctuaries, be sure to get bedazzled.

National Parks In India

Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

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